About us

The Sdot Hemed nursery is a state-of-the-art agricultural enterprise, built on the foundations of 50 years’ experience, and a family tradition of creative, pioneering agriculture. We specialize in plant propagation, produce both finished and halffinished plant products, and offer solutions to meet a wide range of needs and requirements in the horticultural field.
Sdot Hemed’s diverse range of services was launched in 1994 when Eli Mahlev, its owner, decided to branch out from his family’s successful business operations. Eli used the knowledge and expertise he had accumulated over many years to enter the ever-expanding horticultural field. From the very beginning of the nursery’s operations, it benefited from the vast experience of the Mahlev family, and this experience enabled the nursery to expand into new markets, to develop these markets, and to stand out from amid the competition. The nursery’s business activities target three different consumer markets, but are identical regarding to the growing and propagation methods utilized, and the meticulous attention dedicated to product quality. We view the agricultural knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over 50 years as an important asset, and seek to share this asset with our clients and fellow growers. An intrinsic part of our service philosophy is maintaining close personal contact with all of our clients as we assist and advise them throughout each step of the process.