Project Planning

Throughout our 50 years of diverse agricultural activity, during which time we have faced many changes and upheavals in the agricultural sector, we have learned to predict what lies ahead and to create the agronomic and engineering solutions that have allowed us to excel in all of the markets in which we have operated, 
and to serve as an example to various farmers in Israel and internationally.
Over the years, various government ministries have sent us to serve as consultants to a range 
of agricultural projects across the globe, and we have therefore have accumulated a great deal  
of experience in thes fields.Our vast experience in the field serves us well when we sit at the 
drafting table to plan one agricultural project or another, or when we are called upon to solve 
an agronomic or engineering problem in agricultural farms of all kinds.
In addition to reaching agronomic and engineering solutions, we also understand that each project 
must be planned with a strictly economic outlook
in order to see it succeed and sustain itself, and thereby make a profit and return the investment 
of its investors.
Our experience is a valuable asset, which constitutes the decisive factor in the success of your project and in its becoming a profitable venture that is sustainable over time.